This is where I tell you about where I’m from, my favorite foods, where I attended college, what cities I’ve lived in and so and so on; but I’ll go ahead and leave those specifics to social media.

So...on to why you have landed on this site. I’m a creative thinker, brainstormer, and a strong proponent to detail. I take a basic idea and put my own creative spin on it. Birthday parties, teacher gifts, invitations, showers, crafts, photography, holiday cards, stationery, personalized gifts are my strong areas but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to tackle a job out of my comfort zone.

Here is the skinny on how I work this side gig. I cater to all sorts of needs. I don’t charge per piece but rather the time spent on a project. Think of it as an a la carte menu. Pick and choose based on your specific need. The following are a few different ways I can help you: idea generating, design, printing, assembly and decor.

Like I said, this is a side gig. It comes second to my three kiddos. They really are the people that keep me creative and on my toes.